HP TouchPad Still Contains FAIL

I read the message boards.

Because it’s where people who spent their valuable money tell the truth about the things they paid for.

I was shocked to read that web pages won’t render in the background while in Card View. I thought this was something the webOS 3.0.2 update would fix.

It did not.

Here’s the video evidence:

What the hell good is multitasking if I can’t have a bunch of web pages building in the background while, say, I go off to check email or do something else?

Update: See another video after the break.

The flaw in his argument here is that he is keeping the browser in the foreground! He hasn’t Carded it and moved to a different app!

Second Update: OK, in this video he does Card the browser and this gives a very different result than the first video in this post.

The difference between the original first video and this third one? The first has him spinning off pages from an open page. In this one he starts with existing Cards. I don’t see why either method should make a difference, but it seems to.


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4 responses to “HP TouchPad Still Contains FAIL

  1. Louis O'Neal

    So should the name of the article being changed, because clearly the third video shows unquestionable evidence that the TouchPad does load in the background.

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