Yet Another Tablet Coming

So… somehow I got interested in looking at videos of the Nokia N9 today.

This is the first thing that Nokia has ever done that really, deeply impresses the hell out of me.

Just watch this video and see:

That is just sooo smooth with UI enhancements that are really fresh and it’s overall just gorgeous.

It’s what I expected the HP TouchPad to be all along. That sleek, smooth, speedy, and lust-inducing.

Looking at that, I have to wonder why the hell Nokia decided to go with Windows when that would have had a real chance in the market without Microsoft being involved.

Then @stroughtonsmith — another troublemaker, like @jkendrick — told me about @WeAreTabCo

They have a website: Who Is TabCo?

And they have a YouTube channel filled with cheeky videos.

This is the latest one:

Ohhhkay, so they are really going after Apple.

Now the strange part of this story is that some people are saying this is all from Nokia, as viral marketing for a MeeGo-based tablet.

Which, if it’s anything like that N9, already has me with tech lust cramps going.

I asked @stroughtonsmith — OK, begged him — to try the Success: A Novel test PDF on his developer version of the Nokia N9. This is what he reported back:

And he gave me a screensnap too!

Three seconds per page beats the five seconds per page I got in my HP TouchPad testing.

Maybe it’s a good thing after all that I had to pass up the HP TouchPad this weekend, despite the whopping $200 in savings.

I’ll know in a little over a week, when TabCo announces what they’ve got.

I need to quote some wisdom from a Comment I read over at PreCentral:

“It’s YOUR money and you should make these companies EARN IT!!!!”

He is absolutely correct. Just as they would expect us to earn the money we got as an employee.


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2 responses to “Yet Another Tablet Coming

  1. john

    agreed that Nokia has something there. does going to WP7 make sense if the design of the UI makes it into W8? As in N9=W8? obviously the programming carryover doesn’t work (MeeGo does not equal Windows), but still….

    that NFC/touch aspect seems more elegant than what HP is doing with their touchpad (and now i understand HP’s attempt a little better).

    recently bought an honeycomb tablet and decided not to go after the $300 touchpad mostly because i didn’t want to have to go buy a whole new set of apps (love the Amazon app market/daily giveaway) and I didn’t see any sign of ereading apps other than Kindle (if Kobo says they have no intention of doing an app for WP7, would they for WebOS?) But a N9/Tabco combo would be something to consider…..

    Would Tabco=Amazon coyote/hollywood be that surprising though, as an alternative?

    • mikecane

      I thought of Amazon, but further dredging around the Net today, reading what others have already dug up confirms it’s a MeeGo tablet. Also, they’re located out in California, coincidentally where Nokia has a bunch of Bright People working on New Things.

      My main concern is Nokia going with Windows for phones. So how committed would they be to a MeeGo tablet? It could a great alternative to the iPad, but if Nokia is going to dump it after a year and never woo developers, it’d be a waste to buy.

      We’ll all know more on Monday, the 15th.

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