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Today Is Nokia’s Worst Day Ever

Nokia plots Windows Phone future for US: ‘no plans’ to offer N9, Symbian, or feature phones stateside

The news is all over the Net, but I link to that because I tried to leave a Comment there. It doesn’t seem to have made it through (unless Opera is messing with me again), so I’m going to put it here.

See it after the break.

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Red Headlines For August 9, 2011

Yes, I waited until day’s end to post these.

Given the market closed up today, all of you can now kid yourselves that Everything Will Be All Right.

Until tomorrow.

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Apple’s Seeds Growing Fruits Of Revenge

New US Lawsuit Accuses Apple of E-Book Price Fixing

It’s about bloody time! I’ve said it was price fixing in post after post after post.

Now let’s also see some multi-front court action regarding Restraint of Trade!

Previously here:

The Seeds Of Apple’s Fall

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The Seeds Of Apple’s Fall



Apple has gone beyond the bounds of protecting its valid intellectual property. It has become a bully.

The near EU-wide injunction against Samsung isn’t based on software patents at all. It’s based on a flimsy claim that the Galaxy Tab 10.1’s hardware vaguely resembles an iPad! See this post.

If Apple has a case, then so does Lodsys against everyone violating the patents it owns.

But beyond that, all of you better wonder how eagerly Apple will cooperate with authorities with wholesale dragnet handovers of private information instead of demanding the authorities justify each case.

Apple has stepped into a whole new world after the UK riots.

And I don’t think it’s prepared for that at all.

Veteran company RIM isn’t.


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Now You Can Upload Photos Into Twitter

I got this popup notice yesterday:

Click = big

I didn’t think it was new, so didn’t post about it.

But others are getting it now and are saying it’s new, so this post.

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Icarus, Is That You?


Today’s installment of Apple Asshattery:

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Not Nokia And Half Not Funny

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