Now You Can Upload Photos Into Twitter

I got this popup notice yesterday:

Click = big

I didn’t think it was new, so didn’t post about it.

But others are getting it now and are saying it’s new, so this post.

I also tried it yesterday:!/mikecane/status/100685076148404225

Click this link to see it in Twitter itself.

Here is the popup in context:

Click = big

I guess I should have clicked through to learn more first. I don’t know where Twitter is putting these images, aside from somewhere in Photobucket. And I have no idea what the licensing terms are, which could be problematic if a commercial for-profit news agency duplicates a photo without permission or compensation to its owner.



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13 responses to “Now You Can Upload Photos Into Twitter

  1. Wow. I am so glad you posted this. Last night when I logged into one of my Twitter accounts I got this pop up. Immediately after my Norton turned red and said I had a virus. I spent an hour and a half with a Norton tech last night checking my computer. Ugh.

  2. here’s some more info straight from Twitter (I extracted what I thought was the most interesting info):

    What does “powered by Photobucket” mean?

    Twitter is launching a native image experience that allows users to upload images directly to from a computer. The images themselves are hosted by Photobucket.

    Will Twitter continue to support Flickr, Twitpic, yFrog etc?

    Yes. You’ll be able to view images hosted on most 3rd party images providers indefinitely.

    What happens to the Exif data? I heard there are privacy concerns there.

    We remove the Exif data on upload. It is not available to any consumers of your image.

    Can you comment on an image?

    Yes, you can do this by replying to the Tweet containing this image.

    Are you going to have galleries of my images?

    Not at first. But in the coming weeks, we’ll add user media galleries, which will let you see the images a user has shared on Twitter.

    Is there an image upload API? If yes, can I use it?

    There is an image upload API but it is not available to third-party developers yet. Third-party developers will be able to access the image API shortly after we’ve rolled out the feature to all users.


    • mikecane

      The problem I have with Photobucket is that so many people on MySpace — back in the day — used it and I always found it a royal PITA to click through to it to see the photo in a different size. I don’t suppose any of that has changed? Thanks for the additional info. I was wondering if they’d do Galleries for each account.

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  8. Nice. I hadn’t noticed this before on Twitter.

  9. Twitter acquired TwitPic recently. Put 1 and 1 together.

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