Red Headlines For August 9, 2011

Yes, I waited until day’s end to post these.

Given the market closed up today, all of you can now kid yourselves that Everything Will Be All Right.

Until tomorrow.


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2 responses to “Red Headlines For August 9, 2011

  1. john

    “If this was only the expectation of a global economic slowdown, the markets shouldn’t be this panicked,” Hiromichi Shirakawa, the chief economist for Japan at Credit Suisse, told The Washington Post on Tuesday. “But markets predict the future, and it’s almost like the markets are predicting something really bad happening in the global financial situation.”

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  2. john

    “The president of the European Central Bank said Tuesday that Europe is in the midst of a historic crisis that would have gotten even worse had his institution chosen not to stabilize bonds in Italy and Spain.

    ‘It is the worst crisis since World War II, and it could have been the worst crisis since World War I if leaders hadn’t taken the important decisions,’ Jean-Claude Trichet said in an interview with French radio station Europe 1, The Associated Press reported.”

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