The Seeds Of Apple’s Fall!/mikecane/status/101048157982560258!/mikecane/status/101050358377353217

Apple has gone beyond the bounds of protecting its valid intellectual property. It has become a bully.

The near EU-wide injunction against Samsung isn’t based on software patents at all. It’s based on a flimsy claim that the Galaxy Tab 10.1’s hardware vaguely resembles an iPad! See this post.

If Apple has a case, then so does Lodsys against everyone violating the patents it owns.

But beyond that, all of you better wonder how eagerly Apple will cooperate with authorities with wholesale dragnet handovers of private information instead of demanding the authorities justify each case.

Apple has stepped into a whole new world after the UK riots.

And I don’t think it’s prepared for that at all.

Veteran company RIM isn’t.


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3 responses to “The Seeds Of Apple’s Fall

  1. Steve

    Its called protecting one’s IP. whats the point of getting one if you’re not gonna defend it.

    You lobbing Apple with Lodsys just shows how ignorant you are. ones a patent troll who doesn’t produce a single product to sell but sits on a patent the other doesn’t…

    • mikecane

      The law doesn’t care whether or not someone is using a patent in the marketplace. It only cares about valid ownership. That you don’t understand this basic fact reveals your utter ignorance about any aspect of this topic.

  2. Android is dominating. Apple is desperate. They are crying. Using their lawyer-army as last resort.

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