Today Is Nokia’s Worst Day Ever

Nokia plots Windows Phone future for US: ‘no plans’ to offer N9, Symbian, or feature phones stateside

The news is all over the Net, but I link to that because I tried to leave a Comment there. It doesn’t seem to have made it through (unless Opera is messing with me again), so I’m going to put it here.

See it after the break.

This is what I tried to post:

I have wished Nokia death ever since they gave me an Internet Tablet 770. That abysmal product revealed the bankruptcy of their success. I said they’d go into a death spiral when the iPhone was announced. That has played out.

So for me to say the N9 is bloody fantastic looking — I damn well mean it. It is sleek, looks speedy, and has clever and original UI elements. I was really looking forward to it coming here and offering a fresh alternative to everything on the market.

Today’s news is just disgusting. Everything I’ve seen of the N9 puts their Windows Phone strategy to shame. It turns out Nokia could do something on an Apple-class level. The N9 shows that. But now they will have to suffer the humiliation of being Microsoft’s lackey instead of having their own destiny.

It’s been rumored that the TabCo tablet to be unveiled on Monday is a Nokia product running MeeGo. This N9 withdrawal now casts doubts over the longevity of this unreleased product. Who can be confident about buying it? I hope Nokia can find a loophole in its agreement with Microsoft to keep the tablet alive. If only as a tribute to what Nokia could have been.

Just how rotten was the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet? Go read this. I stand by every word of it, years later.

So, yes, I really do mean everything I wrote above about the N9. It’s really that spectacular, from all the videos I’ve seen of it. Nokia looks to have done a thorough — perhaps even historic — turnaround from the 770.

I hope the TabCo tablet — if Nokia is behind it — will be just as breathtaking. And that Nokia will stand behind it.

We’ll see what Monday brings.

And Nokia, if you ever read this, change your mind about the N9!



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2 responses to “Today Is Nokia’s Worst Day Ever

  1. Would you still buy Nokia WP when it’s launched?

    • mikecane

      No. I hate Windows Phone. It’s a stupid UI that looks like it was designed for people who can’t afford icons. Most people will look at it and go, “I have to READ this phone?” and move to Android or iOS.

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