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A Frighteningly-Familiar Tablet Shape

Earlier today:

I knew I had seen a tablet shaped similarly before.

In 2007!

It was the Pepper Pad:

I am not a fan of flared edges.

Previously at Mike Cane’s Blog:

Digital Life: Pepper Pad 3

Update: See some of the Pepper Pad in video after the break.

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Red Headlines For August 10, 2011

Let us now look at these headlines for yesterday’s Dow, when the land was fat and full of plenty.

The New York Daily News goes with action, sex, lottery!

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Is This The TabCo Tablet?

Update, August 11: In a Comment here, Sproutink admits they are not TabCo. And in a tweet state that is why they made their video below Private.

A mysterious tweet:

Led to this video:

Update: Since this post, the video was made Private. Very, very strange.

Is that the TabCo tablet?

What is that? Who are they?

Sproutink website
Sproutink Twitter

Update: The Internet Always Win. See screensnaps from the video after the break.

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Some Of TabCo’s Tablet Revealed

The MasterChef Mystery Box. What’s TabCo got in there?

They’ve been answering questions over at gdgt, where I don’t have an account, won’t register for one, and which doesn’t offer Twitter signin (FAIL!).

Some key points:

1) It will be available in the U.S. this month

2) It will have an SD Card slot(!)

3) They also said:

The OS is smart, social and transportable. It provides a new way to interact with your device. The predictive UI anticipates user needs to help perform tasks such as Web searches, buying products or getting directions.

Some of that sounds very science-fictiony.

It also builds up my expectations beyond Apple-like levels. However, I’ve already been surprised by the extraordinary work Nokia put into the N9. If this goes beyond that, I will be very pleased.

Right now, I just have one question I’d like TabCo to answer: Does it have built-in screensnap capability?


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