A Frighteningly-Familiar Tablet Shape

Earlier today:

I knew I had seen a tablet shaped similarly before.

In 2007!

It was the Pepper Pad:

I am not a fan of flared edges.

Previously at Mike Cane’s Blog:

Digital Life: Pepper Pad 3

Update: See some of the Pepper Pad in video after the break.

You can see in some respects they were ahead of their time. But the device in practice was buggy as hell and they never seemed to have adequate manpower to address both that and the ambitious updates — as seen above — they wanted to deploy.


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2 responses to “A Frighteningly-Familiar Tablet Shape

  1. Wow! Impressive for 2007. I had never seen that, although everyone was doing those circular navigation screens at the time. We even had them on set top boxes for interactive TV! The flared edges come in when you have the thing in your lap, but I agree it’s inconvenient for almost everything else (looks nice though).

  2. We are Sproutink!
    We are not Nokia nor Apple, not even TapCo. Our leaks are nothing more then this: false leaks. Our effort is to build something “NEW” (not CopyCAT), inspired by human usage (not squared!).
    And we are sure, you agree with us: TECH SHOULD BE HUMAN!…
    Whatever TabCo would be, we are not, but we’re sure “to be on the right way”.

    The proud SproutINK developers!
    Stay tuned!

    Best regards,

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