Is This The TabCo Tablet?

Update, August 11: In a Comment here, Sproutink admits they are not TabCo. And in a tweet state that is why they made their video below Private.

A mysterious tweet:

Led to this video:

Update: Since this post, the video was made Private. Very, very strange.

Is that the TabCo tablet?

What is that? Who are they?

Sproutink website
Sproutink Twitter

Update: The Internet Always Win. See screensnaps from the video after the break.

Of course I ripped the video! I ripped it twice. But both are hinky and won’t play in FLV Player or vlc. But they would play in Real Player.

So I played it and got screensnaps.

I’m not going to provide any commentary or description of the action because things zip by so quickly that I just have no idea what is going on at all.

Click any of these to enlarge.


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7 responses to “Is This The TabCo Tablet?

  1. says that it is a ‘private video’ :(

    • mikecane

      Yes, since the time between posting and others getting to this post, the video was put behind “Private.”

      I’ve updated the post.

      Very strange.

  2. It’s not TabCo. Just another (possibly concept) tablet

  3. Steven

    Not TabCo… To me it seems Fusion Garage will be back (with a rebranded JooJoo)
    Almost the FCC approval of it’s device is almost the same as seen in the videos…
    Not Nokia at all (i don’t think the would go this marketing line)…
    Or is CruchPad back?

  4. I like the shape. It probably wouldn’t be at risk from an injunction by Apple, either!

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