Red Headlines For August 10, 2011

Let us now look at these headlines for yesterday’s Dow, when the land was fat and full of plenty.

The New York Daily News goes with action, sex, lottery!

And trust a Murdoch rag to bring on the class act (“Mommy, what’s a hooker?”):

Newsday gets all giddy:

And The New York Times with the Fed leading:

To quote Sean Connery from The Untouchables: “How da ya feel now? Better?”


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5 responses to “Red Headlines For August 10, 2011

  1. Every time you do one of these, it seems like these headline pages are right out of an alternate reality comic book or something; so exaggerated and sensational they just don’t seem real.

  2. The hell with that bad news shit. I got my 401 out of the market about year ago. You guys are missing the important stuff. I got my powerball tickets early this morning and waiting for the drawing. Wish me good luck and say a short prayer. Thanks.

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