When MeeGo was announced, that pair was on the wallpaper of the launcher. And that made me take notice because that’s a brilliant and appealing design. Finally, someone was doing something different and putting fun back into tech.

I went searching for more of them today and discovered they’re called MeeGons.

Here are the two sites with all the info:

MeeGo Style Guide

And of course the Finns at Nokia — probably the same ones who thought the 770 Internet Tablet was a good product! — want to spoil things:

And then there’s this:

Warning: This is not MeeGo

Despite Nokia’s best efforts to confuse things, the N9 phone DOES NOT RUN MEEGO.

It runs the Harmattan OS, which isn’t related to the MeeGo project at all, and is not compatible with MeeGo even.

No one outside of Finland is going to say “Harmattan.” Give me a break.

Nokia, you buy up all the damn rights to MeeGo, including MeeGons, and you use them to brand that N9!

“MeeGo” is short, easy to pronounce, and makes people think of “Amigo” — friend.

Apple can have their snob-appeal cool.

You can go for fun!

Bookmark this post, Nokia.

It will save your ass when that crappy Windows Phone that no one wants fails.

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