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Grid 10: The Tablet No One Will Buy

As I said: Revealed: TabCo Is Fusion Garage And Grid 10

They deleted that tweet and then sent out one implying they had a connection to Google-Moto. That one got deleted quickly.

What a pack of amateurs!

I have never seen something fall apart this quickly.

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Tweet Of The Day: GoogleMoto Edition

Previously here:

Google Pulls A Zune

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Revealed: TabCo Is Fusion Garage And Grid 10

They just couldn’t keep their own mouth shut, not even with less than two hours to go!



That translates to:

Introducing the Grid 10! Pursuing our launch and learn to know our product

And so James Kendrick is correct:


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Google Pulls A Zune

Supercharging Android: Google to Acquire Motorola Mobility

Word is this was motivated by patents.

Thing is, a weapon is invariably used.

Google will not exterminate all of Moto’s phones and tablets and wipe out all that built-up brand-name equity just so it can lob patent lawsuits at others.

So suddenly every single company putting out Android devices has to be seriously rethinking their plans and the trajectory of their company. All of that revenue they’ve pulled in from Android is now in jeopardy.

This is exactly the position every single Microsoft partner using PlaysForSure DRM for MP3 players was in when Microsoft announced its own player, the Zune. They all dumped their products.

What’s happening today in the upper echelons of companies like HTC, Samsung, LG, and others?

With Amazon’s tablets allegedly being underpinned by Android, what is Bezos now thinking? What is the future of Amazon’s Android App Store too?

Over in Finland, I hope Elop has an upset stomach and loses his lunch. If he has any brain at all, he can see Microsoft can do the same thing when their current agreement runs out. Better start being nice to all those MeeGo-Harmattan people. They are your company’s parachute!

At over at HP, which has struggled getting even two webOS phones out — the Veer and still-missing Pre 3 — they must be wondering if they can now get out of phones altogether and just license “webOS for smartphones” to ex-Android partners.

And what I asserted in this 2010 post that everyone laughed at back then — In Two Years, Only Google Will Use Android — is one step closer to becoming real.


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