Grid 10: The Tablet No One Will Buy

As I said: Revealed: TabCo Is Fusion Garage And Grid 10

They deleted that tweet and then sent out one implying they had a connection to Google-Moto. That one got deleted quickly.

What a pack of amateurs!

I have never seen something fall apart this quickly.

I didn’t even bother to screensnap the video.

It was all worse than I thought it would be:

1) The tablet is slow
2) The tablet has too many time-wasting animations
3) The grid launcher is unproductive
4) Audio/Video UI wastes a lot of space
5) The tablet has no snap at all
6) It made the HP TouchPad look good(!)

And what? A phone too? Which has a different tab-switching UI than the tablet. WTF?

There was nothing I saw there that impressed me. Not even the split-screen of the browser. Glimpse on webOS is more impressive than that!

What galls me was all the misdirection that greatly implied this was a Nokia stealth tablet project. That was deliberate and slimy.

Anyone who buys this deserves it.

They rank right down there with the other guys who can’t shoot straight: Notion Ink.


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4 responses to “Grid 10: The Tablet No One Will Buy

  1. I would like to know more. I also thought it was teased to have an intelligent os. I envisioned low grade AI for the things you do most. Maybe my imagination run away with me. I really don’t care if it plays movies and videos all that much. Entertainment is not my bag. However that is the course these things seem to be taking. I want my phone to be my extended brain.

    • mikecane

      It’s nothing at all like that. More of their hyped lies. Their URL is all around the Net now. I won’t post it in this blog.

  2. This is pathetic. Worse than Notion Ink. Very disappointing.

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