Revealed: TabCo Is Fusion Garage And Grid 10

They just couldn’t keep their own mouth shut, not even with less than two hours to go!!/WeAreTabCo/status/103106197711880193


That translates to:

Introducing the Grid 10! Pursuing our launch and learn to know our product

And so James Kendrick is correct:



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6 responses to “Revealed: TabCo Is Fusion Garage And Grid 10

  1. Actually, “verfolgt” is second person imperative plural (informal), as in “y’all follow” our Launch. Or as we would say, simply “follow.”

    No reason to be picky. It’s just I have to get something out of these 43-year-old degrees!

  2. That tweet removed I think.

    • mikecane

      Yes, they removed that and another one that insinuated a tie in with Google-Motorola. Why I screensnapped! Who did they think they were playing with?

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