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10 responses to “Idle Thought Of The Day

  1. Timothy Wilhoit

    The Amapplgoogasoft carrier? ^-^

  2. john

    the anti-trust division of the US Dept. of Justice would have a shit fit all over the FCC…..

    • mikecane

      I’m not really sure about that. They haven’t done anything against Apple, or Amazon, and are unlikely to prevent Google from buying Motorola. Plus, with the USPS about to drop dead, they could make a case for it, just as AOL and Time Warner snowballed Congress over AOL buying Time Warner back in the day. If they could show that it was vital to keep America at the forefront of wireless communications and show how current carriers hamper competition, innovation, and bleed consumers, I think Congress would grant them a waiver.

      • john

        my head hurts trying to think this through: with google’s purchase of motorola’s production of tv set-top boxes, google’s better positioned to compete with apple and microsoft on another of the three screens connected to the cloud. passed a cable companie’s van on the way home today which displayed those three screens (tv, mobile, pc), showing the co. provides the data pipeline to all three. so apple, microsoft and google provide the software (and hardware), but the data carriers own the bottleneck between the screens and the cloud. so if the a/m/g trifecta (ignoring Amzn for now), jumped into the data pipeline biz as you originally posited, they’d be competing with the existing carriers, which could arguably loosen up that bottleneck, at least in term of pricing, if not services. meanwhile, the trifecta would continue to compete with each other regarding the three screens and the cloud, prospering even more now that they are taking in a cut of the pipeline market, assuming they earn back their investment. so hafta say you’re right that the feds would sign off. thanks for making me think.

        now that the three screens/cloud concepts have materialized into tangible markets, the next logical step would be to get out from under the choke point of the data carriers. didn’t google buy up frequencies from federal auctions at some point? the thought of google having an established presence in the three screens/cloud/and data pipeline is mindboggling……

        (i wonder if apple and msft have purchased any frequencies?)

      • mikecane

        The thing that will prevent it is one word: Union. I don’t think any company wants to deal with the CWA. Just ask Verizon these days.

    • mikecane

      Yeah, not coincidental.

      • john


        But Isn’t this type of vertical integration with one company just as alarming in the long run as the recent UK looting and the current drastic fluctuations in the US/Europe financial markets? Particularly when that looting involved the use of social networking, which is a new part of the vertical integration? Talk about being doomed. Apple’s arrogant VIG will pale compared to the potential monopoly on the dispersal of information laying in wait inside Google, assuming the purchase of a carrier could materialize. Of course, if Apple then buys and builds out Sprint (leaving Microsoft to cater to Verizon and ATT?), there could still be some semblance of balance, as illusory as it may be. Next stop thereafter: cable companies? That’d surely raise regulatory flags, but still….where does this end? i know, i know; don’t call me Shirley (and your original premise was Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft teaming up, not each acting on their own).

        thanks for the space….

      • mikecane

        You brought up a concern I hadn’t even considered: How they could throttle the free flow of information. That would be a disaster for freedom and liberty. Let’s hope they are prevented from owning a carrier. Thanks!

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