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HP TouchPad In 2012

I think in a year or so, HP will wind up selling Palm to Apple for its patent portfolio.

HP cannot execute like Apple.

Unless “execute” is meant as in killing a product.

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HP TouchPad Re-Fondle Aborted

I went to three different Best Buys today.

The first had the TouchPad in a very inconvenient location that would have had people bumping into me as they passed by.

The second had two HP TouchPads and neither of them would turn on!

The third had very bad WiFi and the demo HP TouchPad was possessed by something (what does “Application Database is nearly full” mean?).

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HP TouchPad Re-Fondle; Should I Even Bother?

Ouchpad: Best Buy Sitting on a Pile of Unsold HP Tablets

This is what happens when you have a TV ad campaign that is totally inept.

I’m not even going to embed those TV ads. I think so little of them.

Who the hell are those people in the ads? I don’t even know. I’m not sure most average people do. And even if they do know, what the hell is the message? There is none!

HP had to come out and make a case to people why the HP TouchPad existed, how it was different from the iPad, and why people would find it more useful.

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