HP TouchPad Re-Fondle; Should I Even Bother?

Ouchpad: Best Buy Sitting on a Pile of Unsold HP Tablets

This is what happens when you have a TV ad campaign that is totally inept.

I’m not even going to embed those TV ads. I think so little of them.

Who the hell are those people in the ads? I don’t even know. I’m not sure most average people do. And even if they do know, what the hell is the message? There is none!

HP had to come out and make a case to people why the HP TouchPad existed, how it was different from the iPad, and why people would find it more useful.

I tried to tell them this: HP TouchPad: Slide. Shuffle. Stack. Share.

They never listened.

The result is unsold HP TouchPads clogging the channel.

Have they already stopped production too?

Also: How could HP delude themselves that they could ever recover from the initial bad reviews?

Whatever made them think they could release shit and “fix it later”? And it hasn’t been fixed! Look at this video:

As soon as that was made public, put up on YouTube, why didn’t HP put some coders on it immediately to fix it and issue an OTA update? What the hell kind of software Quality Assurance do they have that allows that to slip through?

Every single video I’ve seen on YouTube from owners basically says the same thing, “Well, it’s not an iPad.” It’s damned with faint praise — from the people who paid for it!

The following two videos are boring as all hell, but they make a point HP has so far failed in delivering: How the TouchPad really differs from the iPad when it comes to switching between apps.

If you’re still awake after those, you should have experienced an AHA! Moment — that when you switch from app to app on the iPad, it has to relaunch the app; on the HP TouchPad, those apps are already launched and ready to run immediately.

Why the hell isn’t HP stuffing that message down everyone’s throat?

At least if people understand that much, that first step, they have something, a point of view, from which to start judging things.

When they find out they can’t create and edit Office documents, that could stop them from purchasing — but the minute such software is available, the multitasking point embedded in their head kicks in and they understand just how productive they could be.

And in the two videos I just posted, notice how the iPad has been interrupted by a Notification? Why hasn’t HP sold the Do Not Disturb aspect of the HP TouchPad? How people can do things yet still keep up on things — without being interrupted?

I should have never had to do this post.

Everyone at HP, everyone at their ad agency, they’re all pulling down the big bucks.

All they’ve proven to me, yet again, is that income has no goddammed connection to intelligence.

And also: Those pulling down the big bucks become fat and lazy.

Maybe every single one of you need to do what Steve Jobs did when he was iCEO of Apple: Earn one dollar a year.

Even then, given all the evidence, I would still think you were overpaid!

Fuck it. I’m still going to do my re-fondle. Because I’m curious and that’s the kind of person I am.

What kind of people are you at HP?



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3 responses to “HP TouchPad Re-Fondle; Should I Even Bother?

  1. Good luck on your fondle. I’m off to AZ with the 11-inch MBA. Can’t see ever getting a tablet now. :-)

  2. Jameskatt

    HP is doomed.

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