HP: “It’s YOUR webOS Mess. Now YOU Deal With It!”

Same-day Update: It’s worse than I figured — HP Kills TouchPad, Pre, And Veer Devices

Word is that HP will spend $10B on some company and also spin off its PC business.

The PC business is what is known as the Personal Systems Group, headed by Todd Bradley, who conned convinced HP into spending $1.2B for Palm.

If you don’t believe me, read this and see this:

Todd Bradley is Executive Vice President of HP’s Personal Systems Group, a $40 billion annual revenue business that includes personal computers, technical workstations, HP webOS-powered tablets and smart phones, personal storage solutions and internet services.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

So after “doubling down” on webOS, HP decides to dump it!

How soon before Bradley sells all of it to Apple for patent money?

Oh, there will be those who say the HP TouchPad is important to the Enterprise. Right. Those stupid TV ads we’ve all seen were aimed straight at that market, right? Wake up!

Apotheker apparently believes we have entered a “post-PC” world — and he’s now dumping the PC business.


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2 responses to “HP: “It’s YOUR webOS Mess. Now YOU Deal With It!”

  1. He’s a smart man, it is PostPC. HP sold a lot of stuff but didn’t make any money – IBM discovered this many years ago – Michael Dell will probably never figure it out.
    Unfortunately, Google is living in the PC world and now pulling a Microsoft (Zune)

  2. Better to be among the first to leave rather than the stragglers.

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