HP’s Pathetic Spin Of webOS FAIL

I’ve been listening to the conference call and the spin has been this:

1) webOS cratered due to inadequate hardware
2) People really love webOS

This is the same bullshit that Palm itself dished out before HP bought it!

Who’s to blame for the hardware? Aliens from outer space? HP once bragged about how fast they slapped webOS on a tablet!

And people love webOS only insofar as they imagine it. The reality of it is that it’s slow and will probably always be behind both iOS and Android.

I’m not buying anything that HP is saying.

Within a month, I expect the entire webOS team to be pinkslipped. There is no valid reason to continue that expense. It’s worth more as a total Palm patent portfolio. As even the webOS team has had to admit, it’s fit for only one CPU, period.

HP will take a $1B charge to wind down webOS. That’s on top of a $332M loss they’ve eaten so far.

Hoping for a licensee to come along is laughable, if not delusional. The well has been poisoned and no one will drink from it.

Jobs and Page and Ballmer have probably already put in calls to HP about buying the patents.

And since it’s increasingly looking like I will have no choice other than an iPad, I hope Apple wins the portfolio bidding.


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4 responses to “HP’s Pathetic Spin Of webOS FAIL

  1. Timothy Wilhoit

    Well, you called that one exactly right. I was expecting a lingering, pitiful death. I was definitely not expecting a dramatic cratering of this magnitude..the rubble of the destruction reeking with highly radioactive isotopes of FAIL. Yes, you called it correctly. ^-^

    • mikecane

      It’s a pity too. iPad needed a competitor and I really thought HP was the only company big enough to see it through. Next!

  2. Saddest story I have heard in the software industry in recent times. The decline of the TouchPad was a sign that WebOS would be squashed out and here it is! Thanks for the mention

  3. Glenn

    HP does most things poorly.
    They buy companies (some industry leading when acquired, although Palm not one of those) and end up ruining what they bought.
    They are also terrible of retaining top talent of acquired companies which explains part of why they always end up with less than the sum of its acquired parts.
    So Palm was doomed the moment they became HP and anyone believing WebOS would be the next big thing was unrealistic.

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