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Memo To HP’s Todd Bradley: Man Up!

Hey, Todd Bradley!

What kind of a man are you?

I know it was HP’s Humphries who made the statement that the company intended to “double down” on webOS, but let’s all be frank here:

You once headed Palm and had contacts there
You planted the webOS bug in HP’s ear
You convinced HP to make this move, because
You saw yourself remaking HP, and
You saw yourself leading a new HP

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The webOS Bitter Nostalgia Tour

Was looking at images I have, came across these and decided to run them instead of continuing to scream about all this on Twitter.

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You Know Who About You Know What

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Sony’s Looming Epic Year-End Disaster

Harry Potter is going to further destroy Sony.

As I stated from the beginning, Sony’s sponsorship of the Pottermore site came with the contingency that Sony had an opening exclusive for the Harry Potter books.

Now everyone has had to agree — although Rowling’s representatives claim this is not true.

I’ll call Rowling’s bluff.

Sony didn’t pony up a lot of money just to stand next to her and Harry Potter.

What no one has yet thought about is how this can all be a gigantic disaster with worse PR fallout that the HP TouchPad fiasco.

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This webOS Phoenix Ain’t Gonna Rise Again

In a rambling, unstructured post that reads as if it was done quickly in order to capitalize on the news, TNW spouts the ridiculous HP bullshit that webOS lives.

Samsung and HTC are mentioned as lifeline hopefuls for licensing the OS, with claims that HP has no intent to kill the OS or sell it.

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