The webOS Bitter Nostalgia Tour

Was looking at images I have, came across these and decided to run them instead of continuing to scream about all this on Twitter.


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One response to “The webOS Bitter Nostalgia Tour

  1. Richard

    The fourth image leaps right out at anyone who happens to think back to the single tag line Apple used a dozen years ago. All they needed was two words: “Think Different.”

    Palm needed to think “big” and “small” and “ahead” and “beyond.” That old Yardbirds song, “Over, Under, Sideways, Down,” comes to mind, as well as its tag line, “When will it end?”

    For Palm, maybe it ended in the product intro shown in the third image. Compare the washed out colors of the screen to the clear-cut black-and-white text of a Steve Jobs keynote.

    Yes, these are just a couple of nitpicky details. But what was it that Mies van der Rohe (and Flaubert, among others) said about details again?

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