This webOS Phoenix Ain’t Gonna Rise Again

In a rambling, unstructured post that reads as if it was done quickly in order to capitalize on the news, TNW spouts the ridiculous HP bullshit that webOS lives.

Samsung and HTC are mentioned as lifeline hopefuls for licensing the OS, with claims that HP has no intent to kill the OS or sell it.

First, Samsung has invested in its own OS, Bada. Why would they ditch that?

Second, HTC could pick up something that’s still totally untarnished and which has already been shown to generate lust cramps in someone like me: MeeGo. MeeGo is in fact superior to webOS in that developers can code fully in native language and produce apps that can compete with iOS.

Third, after the disastrous publicity webOS has gotten due to the TouchPad fiasco, what company in its right mind would say, “Gee, we’ll drink this poisoned water, nom nom.”?

HP can bray all it likes about how webOS isn’t dead. Reality will slap them awake and they will discover they have no choice but to sell the entire Palm patent portfolio to try to recoup some of the money they’ve sunk into it.

Apple, Google, Microsoft will want those patents. I hope Apple wins them. webOS elements — Cards, Stacks, Notifications — would at least live on in a good OS.

Finally, it is with some glee I read this sentence in that TNW post:

Only the top executives knew anything about this decision and even senior staff as high as Ari Jaaksi, the Vice President of webOS software, didn’t know about the shuttering of hardware before it happened.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Ah Jaaksi, the Maemo wunderkind of incompetency who whined that the webOS 3.0.0 dictionary was fucked-up because English was not his native language!

In addition, there is a few embarrassing things. As an example our dictionary included “dont” and “wont” instead of ”don’t” and “won’t”. What can I say? Stupid. But hey, English is not my first language. Yeah, I agree, not good enough – and you need to add the missing words yourself.

Oh. My. God. Thanks for destroying a second OS, you dolt!

Hey, Jaaksi, can you say, “You’re fired”?

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4 responses to “This webOS Phoenix Ain’t Gonna Rise Again

  1. Don

    A very good take on things, thanks!

  2. James Bailey

    This sounds like typical corporate shennanigans to me. HP didn’t plan this and decided at the last minute to kill the group. But they have an HR department that isn’t going to let them fire hundreds of employees on 5 minutes notice. That looks bad in the press.

    So they will start by laying off the hardware people because that was their announcement yesterday. Once that is complete, they will start laying off the software people while claiming that they are going to keep a core group while they search for a licensee. After a couple of months, they will announce, sadly, that they couldn’t find a buyer so they are reluctantly laying off the rest of the Palm group. By that time, this will be largely out of the news and no one except the employees will care.

    • mikecane

      Exactly how it will happen. Had they had anyone interested in licensing, it would have been mentioned. No one wants it. It’s poisoned.

  3. Shock Me

    Amazon might be a better fit for WebOS but they lack the hardware experience and seem already committed to Android. Samsung or HTC might them as a hedge against Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility.

    I found the card interface of WebOS a very interesting idea. I also like the live tile and hub ideas in WP7 Metro UI. Not that I would buy either device, but they at least offer some differentiation to the various skins pasted on top of Android.

    Good luck to them. I’m not hopeful that WebOS survives this time though.

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