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The HP TouchPad Is Now A Smash Hit!

On a busier than typical Saturday, those are the top ten search terms leading to this blog. All but two are for the HP TouchPad.

That’s a new record here.

The Nook Touch, which has sold way more, garnered only seven spots, back on June 26th.

If HP has a spare 32GB HP TouchPad hanging about, send it to me. I promise to treat it better than some damned landfill! Kthxbai.


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BBC’s The Code: Math And Tablet Success

The third and final episode of BBC’s The Code was still the longest fifty-eight minutes in TV history.

Yet it closed on a very intriguing note that made me wonder if what they asserted can also be applied to the tablet market.

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Final webOS Death Notes

HP begins TouchPad liquidation; 16GB cut to $99, 32GB $149

Microsoft offers webOS developers free Windows Phones and dev tools

Kerris: work on webOS and app ecosystem will continue

Rose-colored glasses

webOS was always “getting better soon”.

Losing the HP Way

It will never be licensed. It will live on in UI elements after Apple buys the patents — which it should.

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