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Todd Bradley’s Bland Ambition

HP’s Todd Bradley was on CNBC today.

The only noteworthy thing was Bartiromo confirming that he was behind HP’s acquisition of Palm. As I said.

Bradley stated that one of the “strategic alternatives” for the Personal Systems Group was to remain inside of HP. I think Bradley would favor that. He seems to be the kind of guy who likes a paycheck free of entrepreneurial worries.

webOS is dead. No one will license it. Any licensee would want an option to buy it — including all relevant patents. And once bought, they could smother webOS just as HP did. Who wants another death like that?

Only Apple has been able to produce a profitable $499 tablet. Another $499 webOS tablet from Samsung, HTC, Lenovo or whoever would sell just as badly as the original.

It’s dead, Jim.

Previously here:

Memo To HP’s Todd Bradley: Man Up!


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Finally Someone Says It!

How to Improve the quality of your software: find an old computer

Devs I complain to go all deaf: Well, just get a faster PC.

Have you seen the state of the economy, you insulated goon?

Millions of people out there aren’t going to upgrade any time soon. Yet we all face things like this:

A nice example of a website that could do a lot better in this respect is twitter.com.

They’ve now forced all their users to the ‘new’ interface, but frankly imo it sucks. It is slow as molasses on anything but the fastest machine here running the latest release of chrome. On all the other machines it is so slow as to be pretty much unusable. And since they no longer allow you the option to use the old interface (ok, that wasn’t a speed daemon either but at least it was a lot faster than the ‘new and improved’ version) you’re now stuck with this fancy and very slow implementation.

Any dev who cavalierly creates bloatware — from apps or websites — deserves failure.


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