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The Last Hope For webOS: Asus

Re-running — unedited with an update at the end — a post I did on April 15, 2010:

I must go off-topic here.

People have been discussing which company should acquire Palm.

There is only one company that should: Asus.

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I Want To Be Wrong


The timing is freaking me out.

Two night ago I envisioned a quake hitting here. At night. Wiping out just about everything.

I feel like Frank Black again …



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How HP And webOS Could Have Won

We’ve now seen what will create an iPhone/iPad-like frenzy of buying: A iPad-like tablet for $99-$149 from a name-brand.

What will go down as an even bigger mistake in tech history annals than the killing of the TouchPad is HP’s failing to capitalize on the idea of what just happened.

From HP to Amazon, the Tablet Dilemma: Go Big or Go Home

How Much Did HP Lose on the TouchPad? Here’s a Good Guess.

Those two articles validate what I’m about to propose, but it’s just too late for HP to do anything about it now — short of the Board of Directors throwing Apotheker out the door and unanimously and publicly repudiating his decision of last week.

Everyone is fond of saying Apple didn’t create a tablet market, it created an iPad market.

HP should have tried to create a TouchPad market.

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R.I.P. Writer Jimmy Sangster

Jimmy Sangster, Writer for British Horror Films, Dies at 83

I wrote horror movies because it was my job. So, when anyone asks me what were the influences that prompted me to be a ‘horror film’ writer, I tell them it was Wages!

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August 23 2011 In Pottersville America

FCC finally kills off fairness doctrine: And why not? Six corporations own all major communications outfits. Who else needs to be heard? Ron Paul?

Teacher pension fund joins California auditor’s risk list: A $56B shortfall. Your pensions — all of them — were gone in 2008. Deal with it.

Police: Kids Found Living In Trash-Filled Car; 2 Arrested: See your upcoming pension-less retirement home.

Prosecutors: Pregnant teen begged for her life before gunman shot her: Meet the kind of guy who will steal your pension-less car home. And your life.

Philadelphia extends youth curfew after flash mobs: Or you could face a swarm of sociopaths coming at your pension-less car home.

Mayor Bloomberg pushes for traffic light cameras ‘on every corner’: Major Prickberg out to ruin more of New York City.

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