August 23 2011 In Pottersville America

FCC finally kills off fairness doctrine: And why not? Six corporations own all major communications outfits. Who else needs to be heard? Ron Paul?

Teacher pension fund joins California auditor’s risk list: A $56B shortfall. Your pensions — all of them — were gone in 2008. Deal with it.

Police: Kids Found Living In Trash-Filled Car; 2 Arrested: See your upcoming pension-less retirement home.

Prosecutors: Pregnant teen begged for her life before gunman shot her: Meet the kind of guy who will steal your pension-less car home. And your life.

Philadelphia extends youth curfew after flash mobs: Or you could face a swarm of sociopaths coming at your pension-less car home.

Mayor Bloomberg pushes for traffic light cameras ‘on every corner’: Major Prickberg out to ruin more of New York City.

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