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Go Away, Irene!

Computer models now show it tracking westward.

All officials here are now freaking out.

The Weather Channel says NYC could be “hit head-on.”

There’s talk of 80mph winds.

In the degenerate area I am exiled in, electricity, telephone, and cable TV wires are on poles. If those go down, I’ll be cut off from the 21st century for a while.



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Apple Quit To Win, HP Quit To Quit

I know, I know. I’m really beating the dust of a dead horse now.

webOS’s death was already a given the minute Hurd left HP.

But still.

I think the, um, inadequate hardware HP put out as the TouchPad is also indicative of just how wrongly they operated over there.

Once again, it’s Apple who shows everyone How To Do It.

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