Apple Quit To Win, HP Quit To Quit

I know, I know. I’m really beating the dust of a dead horse now.

webOS’s death was already a given the minute Hurd left HP.

But still.

I think the, um, inadequate hardware HP put out as the TouchPad is also indicative of just how wrongly they operated over there.

Once again, it’s Apple who shows everyone How To Do It.

Apple Has a List of 100 Potential Store Sites

In response to another question, Johnson recalled the early design work on the retail stores, saying the company worked several months to design and construct a full-scale mock-up of the store prototype in a warehouse near Apple’s headquarters. When the team of retail and design experts had finished their work in Oct. 2000, Johnson had a revelation. He approached Jobs to say, “Steve, I think it’s wrong.” The design didn’t incorporate the digital hub that was then becoming so important to the company’s strategy, and Johnson told him, “I think we’re making a mistake. This is about digital future, not just about products.” Jobs replied, “Do you know what you’re saying? Do you know we have to start over?”

Jobs stormed off to his office, but returned within an hour in a better mood, having realized that virtually every great project at Apple, “had been shelved and started over.” For example, Johnson said the current iMac design was considered finalized — and then the design was tossed out and the process was restarted, to eventually come up with the current design.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

The way Apple operates is like a writer: first draft, revise, revise, edit, realize it’s just all wrong and it can’t be saved, throw it all out, start again.

In contrast, HP’s TouchPad was an unedited first draft that was sent out.

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