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This Is New York City: Hurricane Irene Edition

Earlier today:


Hurricane? New Yorkers soak up the beach

Roberto Luzuriaga, who was making a brisk business selling Italian Ice desserts to swimmers straight off the sand, echoed the views of many when he said that authorities’ warnings were at times self-serving.

“It definitely is a concern, but sometimes things are blown out of proportion. Sometimes the people who make the calls just want to save their asses,” said Luzuriaga, who is still debating whether to leave his nearby home.

I am surrounded by rude, crude, ill-educated dolts.

My fellow New Yorkers.

Who don’t take shit from anyone.

And we are united in our hatred for Mayor Prickberg.

God bless us all.

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Hurricane Irene Still Fails To Impress

So far, I remain unimpressed.

These two were worse:

1991 Perfect Storm
1993 Storm of the Century


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Being A Hurricane Is Hard. Why Don’t You Go Shopping Instead?

All computer models now agree.

NYC is screwed.

Just how much of a screw we’ll get is unknown.

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