Doctor Who: Let’s Kill Hitler

Spoiler after the break!

Srsly? WTF!

I waited through a mid-season break for this?!

Is Moffat having some sort of writing breakdown?

And as ridiculous as this question is going to sound: What the hell happened to Hitler?


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5 responses to “Doctor Who: Let’s Kill Hitler

  1. I’m not crazy about Moffat’s writing…it’s too dark. Also, as much as I like the actress and the character, the whole River Song thing is both brilliant and contrived (depending on where my head is at at the time…) (not to mention that her name reminds me of River Tam…I keep expecting her to turn into a psycho kitchen implement…a blender filled with ginzu knives maybe.

  2. vi

    Your review is…. short.
    Myself, I loved it, and i’m not the only one!

  3. Jason S.

    For some reason, the first words that come to my mind when this episode is mentioned are “Let’s Drink Beer”:

    I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that this is what Steven Moffat did with his pals before writing this episode.

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