Hurricane Irene Hysteria In New York City

As of around 9AM today, the big terrible forecast for New York City tomorrow is wind near 60mph with a grand total of two inches of rain.

We had a multiple of two inches of rain just last weekend.

Yet this is what’s happening in Manhattan today…

Can you guess what those are?

There are a lot of them all over the damn place.

And this is how they’re being used …

And yes, despite this being the science-fictiony 21st century, this is sand!

I’ve never seen these deployed before …

Some in New York are at least defiant:

More sandbags!

And some plywood.

And more sandbags.

And some taped windows.

And more sandbags!

Another metal barrier I’ve never seen before.

And more sandbags!

And this building went all out. Sandbags and …

… a damn backup HVAC generator system!

More sandbags!

The New York Stock Exchange looks naked …

… they removed the huge flag that usually shields its evil.

Now, more sandbags!

The skies as of 8AM today:

All this stupid hysteria will backfire badly.

When the next hurricane appears, the pompous officials will be afraid to do what’s necessary because they don’t want to look like jackasses again.


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9 responses to “Hurricane Irene Hysteria In New York City

  1. Timothy Wilhoit

    “When the next hurricane appears, the pompous officials will be afraid to do what’s necessary because they don’t want to look like jackasses again.”

    Very true, unfortunately. Try reading “Landstrike.” Plausible scenario, at least to a non-meteorologist like myself.

  2. Keishon

    Awesome pics. I hate when the media covers these storms because they stir up hysteria and it’s a major PITA for everyone.

  3. It does seem a bit silly. OTOH maybe they prepared all that before the forecast was downgraded and just decided to use it anyway. From the point of view of the pompous officials, it’s better to deploy too much and be laughed at than not deploy enough and be crucified. With luck they’ll remember that next time when it might be really needed. In any case, they never win in these cases. It’s “damned if you do, damned if you don’t.”

    Question: Don’t they worry about people stealing the sandbags?

  4. Yeah, Mike’s pics are the real deal. With the media, they isolate sections of things so it looks REALLY bad. A small group of people throwing stones becomes a riot…or a war zone ;-)

  5. Shock Me

    Katrina is still fresh in their minds and they didn’t want to be like New Orleans. Can’t say I blame them. In the unlikely event the storm did maintain any strength, they’d look like heroes instead of idiots.

    So now they look like the boy who cried wolf. And luckily the city was NOT damaged severely. Living in Florida, it only takes one of these monsters to have you keeping an I on the sky for a good long time.

    Be glad the water up there isn’t warmer.

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