The Poles Taunt Hurricane Irene

This is modern technology here on Satan Island:

These poles have survived storms and blizzards.

The only time a pole has gone down around here has been when some idiot has driven into one.

That’s happened twice in the past two years.

I don’t think any will fall tomorrow unless a tree pushes one down.


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2 responses to “The Poles Taunt Hurricane Irene

  1. Every time I come back to the States, seeing those poles always amazes me. I’ve forgotten what it’s like, so much is underground here. I should take some pictures for comparison.

  2. That’s the way it is here too. There’s a move afoot to have all utilities underground in the business district by 2017. The one out front at the corner of my property will be here my entire lifetime. No way they can afford to do whole town. They are trying to do business district because a visitor from Europe told one of the head shankers the town looked like pre WW II Poland. Guess it hurt his feelings.

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