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Does HP Actually Have A webOS Licensee?

What’s contained in this post is pure speculation, but intriguing.

Why would HP state that it’s going to continue webOS development when no other company has professed any interest in it?

What if HP already has a licensee but can’t say so?

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Memo To Panicmongers: Kiss Our New York Ass

NYC’s glorious Times Square live image at 5:17AM today

The lights are still on in New York City.

Even on Satan Island, which uses a technology from the 1800s: poles!

How the hell do we manage to do this?

We do it because we are not East Shitsville, Nowhereland. We don’t live by, “Water drops from sky, everything stops working.”

We have valuable property and businesses here and want them to last.

How bullshit is Irene?

A neighbor’s gate that always blows open during storms is still closed. And no special tying-down was done.

No trash cans are rolling along in streets.

No trees or branches are down.

No poles are down.

Despite El Commandante Mayor Prickberg thinking we were too stupid to heed warnings, his warnings were ego-fueled bullshit designed to maximize his TV time.

“We were lucky,” he’ll whine.

No, you were wrong, asshole!

And we knew it!


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