HP: Fail To Win!

Oh, this is terrible. Done in MSPaint. All I have.

But this is the kind of cheeky advertising HP should be doing.

Click = big

I don’t know how Apotheker was convinced to do another production run, but this chance shouldn’t be wasted.

Set it up for the TouchPad Go limited edition (Son of Fail).

At least get some money back while building an installed base of webOS devices to keep it all alive.

If they also buy Son of Fail — then it’s no Fail at all.



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2 responses to “HP: Fail To Win!

  1. This is a soap opera. I am wondering if Leo is still in charge at HP. If this comes to pass he will look like the biggest fool ever to be CEO of a large company. Off the top of my head I cannot think of another fiasco like this. At this point in time I just don’t know if I can deal with another piece of this companies stuff. I am astounded by the way this is playing out.

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