No Harry Potter Sony Reader Bundle Exclusive

Sony announced the new Reader WiFi today. I’ll have another post later.

Just wanted to prominently say it looks like I was totally wrong about Sony having a Harry Potter Reader exclusive bundle.

Here is their mention of Harry Potter up front:

Opt for the black Reader Wi-Fi bundle and get a free download of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone while supplies last.

I have no idea what this “bundle” will be (Reader and cover?), but it looks like there will not be either:

1) An exclusive to Sony Harry Potter eBook bundle, or
2) A Sony limited edition Harry Potter Reader

Update: It turns out I was half wrong. Sony will be doing some sort of special Reader for Harry Potter. According to their press release:

Sony’s first offer in collaboration with J.K. Rowling’s eagerly anticipated Pottermore website ( is a specially-created Reader Wi-Fi with a Pottermore promotion (PRS-T1HBC) which includes a voucher that enables Harry Potter fans to download free the first Harry Potter eBook title, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, from Pottermore, when it becomes available.

Even so, that seems a lot less compelling that previous Sony Reader limited editions. And for all the backing Sony has provided for Pottermore, I would have expected them to get more than that.

More to come.

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2 responses to “No Harry Potter Sony Reader Bundle Exclusive

  1. “I was totally wrong”
    This made my day, even if the update says you were half wrong, you’re still wrong, so yeah.
    And, to add an intelligent comment, I would’ve love to see that specially-created Reader Wi-Fi as a collector’s item type of thing.

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