The HP TouchPad Is the New Avis

Perhaps I’m getting my hopes up too much.

But somehow Apotheker was convinced to do another run of the HP TouchPad — and that’s a chance that just shouldn’t be wasted.

HP tried to be cool and hip with its TV ads.

There is nothing worse than tasteless stiff White Guys In Suits trying to be cool.

Steve Jobs is cool. Apple is cool.

But Apple’s TV ads can also be pompous and smug.

That’s not clear until you’ve seen some classic TV ads from the 1960s, especially those by Stan Freberg.

And now Apple:

Don’t you just want to scream, Get over yourself?

Maybe not. But sometimes I do.

Apple is #1. There’s no countering that.

Back in the 1960s, another also-ran company had to make a place for itself against an overwhelming number one company.

It was Avis versus Hertz.

Click through to see the groundbreaking campaign that made Avis memorable to everyone. Then hit the Back button for the rest of this post.

Advertising Greatness #2: Avis

OK, all set?

Even Avis, the underdog, has succumbed to the Apple Disease of Pomposity:

*gagging noises*

It’s like one style has overwhelmed all of TV advertising these days. One commercial blends into a feel-good We Are So Important And So Are You stew of twee.

Should HP fully revive the TouchPad, it has to create TV ads that break out of that swamp of emotional goo.

Find a 21st century Stan Freberg. Or Jerry Della Femina.

For God’s sake. Della Femina’s company gave us Joe Isuzu!

How the hell do you even get Americans to remember a word like Isuzu? He did it!

Ads that made other companies:

Even if it fully revives the TouchPad, HP won’t get anywhere with it by playing the same advertising game as everybody else.


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