Todd Bradley Really Needs To Man Up!

Dig this. It’s from HP itself:

PSG is the leading manufacturer of personal computers in the world and had annual revenues of approximately $41 billion in fiscal year 2010. PSG enjoys leading global market positions in consumer and commercial PCs.

Todd Bradley essentially heads the biggest PC maker in the world.

So why can’t HP just dump the damn TouchPad on PSG and be done with it? Let PSG make its own decisions about it?

Why can’t HP just do right now what it says it wants to do?

Do a soft spin-off of PSG. Just separate the damn accounting to begin with. Let PSG stand on its own with what it has and what it’s bringing in, distinct from HP.

Unfettered, Bradley could decide to cut back on the number of desktops and notebooks PSG produces, putting that freed development money into pushing the TouchPad instead.

How many models of desktops and notebooks does HP produce? Cut the selection down as Jobs did when he returned to Apple. Increase that webOS bet — if you truly believe that’s the damn future.

Why should Apotheker be making this decision? It’s Bradley’s to make.

This is no time for Todd Bradley to be a good HP soldier.

He has to start being a General, dammit.

Man up, Bradley!

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