Does Graffiti For Android Work On Nook Touch?

Shockingly, it seems no one has bothered to try this!

So I’m putting this post up in the hopes someone with a rooted Nook Touch will see it and try it.

Nook Devs reports Graffiti for Android Pro gets a “Perfect” score on the NookColor (do Find->Graffiti on that page).

But that’s an LCD screen. Would it work with an eInk screen?

If you have a rooted Nook Touch, give this a try and report in Comments. Even better, if you can post a YouTube video, I’ll also post it here!

After the break, a video showing how to install Graffiti for Android.


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6 responses to “Does Graffiti For Android Work On Nook Touch?

  1. i installed it, but i don’t know, how to enable it, as long as the settings are not the normal settings on the nook touch.

  2. icarrik

    I don’t know how responsive a IR-touch screen would be…

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