New Sony Reader WiFi Is Android Underneath!

Sony’s new Reader Wi-Fi is the world’s lightest 6-inch e-reader with multitouch screen (update: powered by Android)

Update: We now have confirmation that this reader is running on a heavily disguised Android (which is somewhat hinted by the buttons, anyway), so yeah, let the rooting begin!

Joanna Stern mentioned it first at This Is My Next, but despite several tweets to her about it, I never got any additional word. So I wasn’t getting my hopes up.

If Sony was really smart — something that goes against that company’s grain, frankly — they would have made this damn easy to root. Even with the delusional Howard Stringer wrecking that company, some people in the Reader division must have noticed how many people have bought the NookColor — and have been buying the Nook Touch — just to root it to make it an Android tablet.

A rooted Sony Reader WiFi would be superior to a rooted Nook Touch:

1) It has the necessary Android hard buttons
2) It has multitouch screen hardware
3) It has a stylus
4) It comes in three colors!

Don’t ignore that stylus bit! There’s Graffiti for Android! As someone still using a Palm LifeDrive, this is awesome!

PocketNow Graffiti post
ACCESS page for Graffiti fro Android
Graffiti for Android
Graffiti pro for Android

I expect the fine haXXorz of XDA Developers to get on this immediately after release. They’d understand immediately the superiority of this to the Nook Touch.

This crosses the Nook Touch off my list of possible purchases (see how good waiting can be?).

Barring Amazon releasing a Kindle with Touch, I’m left with one question: Red Reader or White Reader?


Mobileread forum discussion

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3 responses to “New Sony Reader WiFi Is Android Underneath!

  1. Keishon

    This crosses the Nook Touch off my list of possible purchases (see how good waiting can be?).

    No. Everybody knows it’s outdated once you buy anything these days. If you’re waiting for the next best ereader then you’ll be waiting for-EVAH.

    • mikecane

      Waiting paid off here. That Sony Reader will be great for a year as an Android tablet, if it can be rooted like Nook Touch. I would have been pissed if I’d gotten the Nook Touch.

  2. Keishon

    Fair enough. I tried a Nook Touch and wasn’t impressed. I like Sony’s products even though they are $$$. To me they just build a better product and some of the bells and whistles most readers want I could care less about.

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