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Fukushima: Dead Man Shouting

This is extraordinary.

He seems to be shouting a prepared speech to the camera at one point.

I think he knows he’s dead. And I think he knows he’s been lied to. I think he knows it’s all been in vain. A death from leukemia — never admitted by anyone to be related to radiation — is his future.

Video after the break.

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Doctor Who: Night Terrors

Allusional spoiler ahead!

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Kindle Tablet Does Not Mean eInk’s Death

As much as I’ve insisted that eInk is restraining the progress of digital books, Amazon won’t abandon its eInk Kindle.

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Help Kickstart Eddie Wright’s Graphic Novel

Eddie Wright is the author Broken Bulbs, which I’ve raved about previously here and here (and always recommend on Twitter).

He wants to adapt it to a graphic novel.

You can help!

Go to the Kickstarter Page and pony up.

I’ll leave this up as a Sticky for this holiday weekend.

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Apotheker Castrates Todd Bradley

HP splitting the webOS GBU in two; software headed to Office of Strategy and Technology [exclusive]

Basically, HP is keeping the software part of Palm — webOS — and giving PSG the hardware part.

The hardware part that has no hardware!

Bradley’s just had his balls cut off.

PSG is nothing without webOS. It’s a manufacturer of “grandpa boxes.”


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Unite, Believe, Resist

It’s either this:

Or this:


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Freedom Tower September 3, 2011

Photos taken today, Saturday, September 3 2011:

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