Sony Reader WiFi: If Sony Was Smart…

I’m taking it as a given the new Sony Reader WiFi has Android inside.

That said, If Sony Was Smart then:

1) They will have planned for rooting it
2) They will not have stripped essentials out of Android
3) They will have Bluetooth hidden inside
4) They will leak the fact it can be rooted
5) They will have a stupidly-simple rooting method (Konami Code?)
6) They will leak instructions or software for rooting it

Bluetooth inside would send everyone from Nook Touch to the Sony Reader WiFi. Documents To Go works on the rooted Nook Touch, but there’s no way to use a separate keyboard. If that was possible, this generation of Reader would scare even Amazon in the amount of sales it would have.

DRM isn’t even an issue here. Adobe’s DRM has been broken long ago and will continue to be. The haXXorz will never relent on that front. So no one at Sony should have given DRM a thought here. All that should matter is device sales.

I am soooo hepped up at the thought of having a rooted Sony Reader WiFi! I hope Sony is not going to disappoint everyone!

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