Beginning The Doom Endgame

Headline composite

In Euro Zone, Banking Fear Feeds on Itself

German Court Gives MPs Bigger Say in Euro Bailouts

It’s not necessary to read the details. It’s a thoroughly rigged game that will make your head spin and your heart go into an arrhythmia if you try to get too close.

This is a game of Pass The Pain that’s been going on since 2008.

When our real estate began to collapse in 2008, the world loved to point its fingers at us corrupt and stupid Americans.

But much of the bailout money we gave our banks went to European and Asia banks to prop them up.

And then the Europeans and Asians discovered they were standing knee-deep in their own piles of stupidity and corruption, so their finger-pointing at us suddenly stopped.

Behind the scenes of all this is an American financial system that is basically a stooge of the American government, wielding its power as a financial weapon of mass destruction, doing whatever the hell it can to destabilize everyone else so that America isn’t the only one to collapse.

Now you don’t have to read any goddammed past or even future articles about this. You know exactly the game being played.

Who is going to win this?

No one.

Everyone is going to fall.

Yes, even China.

Investors — so-called — parse many qualities of a nation to decide if it’s worth parking their money in it.

China loses on all counts.

As corrupt as the rest of Asia, all of Europe, and America is, the Chinese are far worse. They gave the world, among other things, poisoned cat food, poisoned milk, and poisoned drywall. There is no trusting such a nation, despite using it as a source of cheap labor to build gadgets. It’s not China the nation being trusted, it’s the executives of Foxconn and others who have set up factories there. Remember: Foxconn doesn’t give a shit about China. It plans to replace all of its laborers with a million robots! And such a factory can be built anywhere. China has no prosperity of its own.

However, since this game is totally crooked, there will be widespread revenge effects. One of which could be the total collapse and then thorough isolation of America. Yes, everyone will collapse, but in a recovery investors will look at our nation and wonder just what the fuck is left of it that’s worth putting money into. Aside from pockets of technological genius, America has become a deindustrialized nation with great swaths of violent ferality and a population that has no desire to seek education or specialized skills.

You’ve been sold a bill of goods about us becoming a “service economy.” Bank tellers provide a service. How many of you would rather use an ATM? And so it is with everything else:

You’d rather transact as much as possible via machine — the Internet! — than deal with your fellow American service worker.

That’s how far we’ve fallen. And you don’t have to be some slavering greedbitch sitting in front of a terminal at a hedge fund to recognize that.

The shape of the solution to all this is not yet clear.

There are at least three broad roads:

1) Many deaths and much destruction
2) Few deaths and little destruction
3) No deaths but a systemic overthrow

I’m not sure most of the people in this nation can choose the correct path any longer.

No, a Thomas Friedman and his ilk would not use the language I’ve used here. So you’ll dismiss this. Too bad for you. That’s part of the test to see who will survive all this.


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3 responses to “Beginning The Doom Endgame

  1. It ain’t a pretty picture. Collapse certainly appears like the endgame.

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