The Internet Always Wins. Always.

Would you be seen dead with a shopping computer?

I haven’t seen an authoritative figure of how much Android development is costing Google annually, but I have heard $3bn touted, which seems plausible. That’s a lot to pay to get beaten up. Now, some people pay money to dress in rubber and have the crap beaten out of them. But you must wonder how long Google wants to keep funding something more useful to others than itself.


… I’m tickled how in less than a decade, so much orthodox new media business guru advice (“open platforms”… “new web business models”) has been unravelled.

“Unravelled” by whom?

All I see is a bunch of lemmings thinking Apple has pointed the way to the future.

All Apple has done is carve out a temporary advantage for Apple.

What this writer is forgetting is that there would have been no iPhone and certainly no iPad if it wasn’t for the open Internet.

Go on, tell Apple to go whole hog and disable the Safari browser in the iPhone and iPad so that it can access only Apple-approved or Apple-created sites. Isn’t that the “triumph of the closed” he’s arguing here? Shouldn’t a move like that make Apple even more successful?

Watch how fast people drop their iPhones and iPads!

The Internet Always Wins.


Google Pulls A Zune
In Two Years, Only Google Will Use Android



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2 responses to “The Internet Always Wins. Always.

  1. john

    a year ago, ‘wired’ published an article suggesting that google had hit its peak since it had no access to facebook and the internet seemed to be moving away from web searches to social media, combined with walls to browsing data rising via the use of apps. arguably a year later, google has breached the barrier of apps by having access to app data via android. and now with google+ (a favorite of yours), it has more access to social data. for me, that starts to explain why google would be willing to pay to keep android going (i.e. android is quite useful to google while also useful to others).

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