Movie: La Proie (The Prey)

This is a movie you will be hearing about.

A bank robber has his life turned upside-down by a cellmate.

That’s as much of the plot I can give you without massive spoiling.

This is an extraordinary film to come out of France.

Because it’s a typically American movie.

I know that since the 1980s (if not even before) there’s been a raging debate in France about the colonization of its theaters by American movies. The French film industry has been hit hard because the French spend their dollars on American movies, making it difficult for purely French movies to thrive and to be financed.

It seems that with this movie, someone finally said, “If we can’t beat them, let’s join them!”

Which really makes me a bit sad.

Yesterday I posted about Page Eight. That’s a purely English movie. No compromises or accommodations were made in it to appeal to Americans or to mimic American movies. It is everything that a British film should be that The Prey is not as a French film.

You will hear about this movie because Hollywood will buy the rights and remake it. The ending is not really an American ending, so you still might want to see this, to see how the French can still stubbornly do things their own way.

You’ll notice I put in the credit card for music. I’d never heard of Noko before. There’s a Wikipedia listing. The score is extraordinary. Clearly some Ennio Morricone influence happening there, which is great.


Le Proie IMDB listing


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