Profile Of The Suit

“Bisexual money-grubber with Asperger’s”: How to troll Anonymous

Reading that, I thought, why not turn the tables?

So, after the break, I profile The Suit.

Approximate Age 18 and over
Sex Primarily Male
Probable Location Every American state
Probable Nationality American
Profile The Suit is the overarching persona of a distributed collective of people who have been granted authority over others. Although most members are classified as Male, they are not actually men.

Psychological Makeup and Personality Details
The Suit is a replaceable component in a vast machine that does not recognize individual lives. It is to be found in every aspect of political and commercial America, from the Presidency down to the lowest level of management. Despite the wide variation of age range, the Suit all share the following characteristics:

– It understands only a dominate or submit framework
– It requires blind obedience
– It believes it is entitled
– It believes its place in the machine was earned
– It has an inferiority complex due to obedience-based schooling
– It feels threatened by mystery and unpredictability
– It will behave violently when removed from the safety of the machine
– It has a tendency to self-destruct when rejected by the machine
– It will cheat despite preaching merit and hard work to subordinates
– It lacks fidelity in marriage
– It sees outsiders as threats
– It does not like variety

Assessment The Suit vaguely understands that the environment in which it operates is undergoing change and it does not like that. It was programmed to run a specific course and is confused by alterations of that course. It is unfit to adapt to change and will strike out violently against anything or anyone perceived as a threat to its own well-being or to that of the machine in which it functions. Individuals are advised to avoid contact with the Suit because clear communication with it is impossible. It refuses to hear anything outside of its narrow range of beliefs. It can only flourish within the environment it understands and cannot tolerate any deviancy of that paradigm. As its traditional environment and beliefs continue to undergo change, the expected outcome is for the Suit to label greater numbers of outsiders as “enemies” and to seek their suppression regardless of the Suit’s professed belief in the law or in the Constitution. It is unlikely the Suit can survive continued social evolution and should be monitored closely for immediate isolation should conflict arise due to its inability to function outside of a foundation based on domination. Such an impulse is detrimental to the shared good of those it perceives as enemies and threatens the continued existence of all those who are not part of its machinery.

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