Ground Zero September 11, 2011

Yeah, I wound up going there.

But I’m not going to run the usual pictures you expect from everyone else. I’m not playing that emotional addict game here.

This is the only photo worth showing from today:

I also got exclusive photos of the President’s helicopter landing.

That blotch in the sky in the two pictures above is not a copter. A bit of dust that got on the lens.

Cropped close-ups:

That’s Marine One. And below in that group is the President himself:

They delayed the 7:30 ferry for near a half hour due to setting up a “Harbor Security Zone.” I was the only person to look up and see the copter incoming. And it was confirmed when I was prevented from getting near Whitehall Ferry Terminal’s windows by a State Trooper. I asked if what I saw was the President’s helicopter incoming and he replied, “Apparently.” The entire street was blocked off. I was prevented from walking down it to get to the Ferry and had to move over to Water Street.


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2 responses to “Ground Zero September 11, 2011

  1. Would you explain the first photo a bit? I’m not sure I understand what it is.

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