Find A Fetish And Fill It

Reddit: IAmA guy who made thousands of dollars selling used socks on eBay AMA

At first I thought to myself, “Huh, why would you buy socks used on ebay? they probably don’t have any life in them. Maybe they’re super cheap or in bulk, but that doesn’t make sense… $12 a pair?! What the shit?”

Then I discovered, I do not have a sock fetish.

Nor do I. But go read that thread. It’s educational and freaking hilarious.

I didn’t know until today that foot fetishism is the most common fetish! There’s an entire list of fetishes!

I’d be rich today if I could go back in time to my teenaged self and tell him what to do with all my gross, smelly socks from that time. (Alas, my stinky feet days are in my past.)

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