Homeland: Episode 1

Apparently Showtime offered up the pilot of this series on the Net and someone ripped it and passed it around.

Since the promo I saw months ago gripped me, I had to see this.

Spoilers ahead!

Claire Danes plays a CIA analyst with a mood disorder …

… who thinks a returning Al Qaeda POW is actually a sleeper agent.

I was expecting something special, like AMC’s Rubicon.

What I got instead was a story I’ve seen many times before (I already know how the hell this thing will end as well as all the false leads before it gets there) done so heavy-handedly and with such pedestrian acting and directing that I had to wonder why the hell they even bothered.

This is based on a series first done in Israel. It really makes me wonder how much better the original series was. This seems like AMC’s The Killing versus the original Forbrydelsen — the original was superior.



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