Sony’s Interactive TV Patent

I was doing some research and tripped across this patent from Sony: Gateway screen for interactive television

There have been on and off rumors of Apple doing a TV. If so, Apple might run smack into this patent and get sued by Sony.

So, this post for future reference.

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One response to “Sony’s Interactive TV Patent

  1. I took a quick look at this since I know a little something about Internet and TV. This does seem like a broad fundamental patent. While the idea may not seem particularly inventive now, with a filing date of 2001, it might be hard to show that the patent should not have been granted for lack of inventiveness at the time. It certainly does show some very forward-looking and sophisticated thinking about what the TV user experience would be.

    I did notice on the transaction history that the patent was rejected and appealed, but I haven’t tried to find the reasons why. Very smart of Sony to fight for this one.

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